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21 June 2013 @ 10:18 pm
growing old  

We're all lost little souls, growing older yet still without a clear direction in life. This year, we turn seventeen. The year before eighteen. Not yet an adult, but definitely a long way from a child.

It's the age to start thinking more deeply, to start envisioning your future clearly but yet... we'e still young teens at heart.


Sometimes I feel I'm still way too superficial and that I don't concern myself with issues that I really should be, but then again, my mind is in overload all the time and if I try to bombard it with too much information at a time, I'll probably break down. I guess everyone has their own pace of growing up and as long as you find that you aren't too far away from everyone else i.e. average, I think it's okay to progress at your own pace and see where you end up. (:

Right now my long-term dream is to study Chemistry at Imperial with the intention of becoming a research scientist (vague. Maybe branching into medicinal chemistry?) and my short-term goals are to do well for my exams and not to get distracted by other things. Also, another is to focus on band and become a better player. Both are challenging goals, but if they're easy to attain, there's not much motivation left anymore.

Ending off the post with a weird image again:
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